Valeriy Lobanovsky: innovator, maestro, teacher

Valeriy Lobanovsky: innovator, maestro, teacher

2023, 2 min

The video features a story about Ukrainian football player and coach Valeriy Lobanovsky.

The video uses archival footage of Lobanovskyi's time as a player at Dynamo, his coaching work in the USSR, the UAE and Kuwait. Also, his return to Dynamo and his work as the head coach of the Ukrainian national team. There are video fragments of the last football match played by Valeriy Lobanovsky and the installation of a monument to him near the Dynamo stadium in Kyiv.

Valeriy Lobanovsky was born on January 6, 1939, in Kyiv. He is a longtime coach of Dynamo, and under his leadership the team has twice won the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. He coached the Ukrainian national team in 2000-2001. He is one of the most titled coaches in the history of Ukrainian football, the most titled coach of the XX century. He was awarded the Order of Merit, second class, Hero of Ukraine. Valery Lobanovsky died on May 13, 2002.

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