Terms of Use of the mediateka.suspilne.media website

1. All exclusive proprietary and non-property copyrights to the materials posted on the mediateka.suspilne.media website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) belong to Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as UA:PBC JSC) and the authors, unless otherwise stated in the description. The materials shall mean all archived videos, posters, images, audio files, television and radio programs.

2. Any use of the materials on the Website shall be prohibited.

3. "Use" shall mean any reproduction, downloading, publishing, copying, distribution, broadcasting, cablecasting, processing and other methods provided for by the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights".

4. Partial use of the materials shall be allowed only if a direct hyperlink to the direct address of the material on the Website (for Internet media) or a direct link (for other media, scholars, researchers, searchers) is provided, open to search engines.

"Partial use" shall mean fragmentary reproduction, demonstration of a screenshot, etc.

A "direct link" shall mean a phrase such as "published on the website of Suspilne.Mediateka", "posted on the website of Suspilne.Mediateka", etc.

Any phrases with a link that diminish the role of the publication in obtaining, processing and formulating information when using the materials of the Website shall be prohibited.

5. The use of any material in full shall be prohibited without the written permission of the Website owner (UA:PBC JSC).

6. Any use of materials (video, audio, photos) that contain information about the authorship of third parties shall be strictly prohibited.

7. Any use of materials, reproduction of video and audio and/or their inclusion in other audiovisual works shall be strictly prohibited.

8. To obtain rights for public notice and/or commercial use of materials, contact with an official letter to the e-mail address: ua.info@suspilne.media.

9. The Website Administration (UA:PBC JSC) has the right to amend these Terms at any time. Amendments shall take effect from the moment the new version is published on the Website.

10. Violation of the above Terms will be regarded as a violation of intellectual property rights and rights to information. In such cases, UA:PBC JSC reserves the right to protect its rights in court, in accordance with the current Ukrainian and international law.