Results of the 1998 elections

Results of the 1998 elections

1999, 2 min

Video of the meeting of the head of the Central Election Commission Mykhailo Ryabets with journalists, March 31, 1998. He is announcing the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections, as of 4:30 pm.

The parliamentary elections were held on March 29, 1998. There were 30 political parties and electoral blocs running for parliamentary seats.

Of these, only 8 passed the 4% threshold: the Communist Party of Ukraine - 84 seats, the People's Movement - 32 seats, the Electoral Bloc of the Socialist Party of Ukraine and the Peasant Party of Ukraine "For Truth, for the People, for Ukraine! " - 29 mandates, the Green Party - 19 mandates, the People's Democratic Party - 17 mandates, the All-Ukrainian Union "Hromada" - 16 mandates, the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine - 14 mandates, the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine - 14 mandates.

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