Memories of Mykola Amosov

Memories of Mykola Amosov

2013, 3 min

The video is a story dedicated to the birthday of Ukrainian scientist and cardiac surgeon Mykola Amosov on December 6, 2013. Colleagues from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and patients whose lives were saved by Mykola Amosov, as well as the doctor's daughter Kateryna Amosova, share their memories of him.

Mykola Amosov was born on December 6 in the village of Vilkhovo, Vologda Oblast. After graduating from elementary school in his native village, Mykola Amosov received a diploma in engineering in 1932 and worked as a mechanic at the 2nd Arkhangelsk Power Plant. Later he entered the All-Union Correspondence Industrial Institute in Moscow. He graduated with honors from the Arkhangelsk State Medical Institute.

In 1941, Amosov worked as a leading surgeon in a field mobile hospital. In 1959, he founded and headed the Department of Biological Cybernetics at the Institute of Cybernetics of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

He died at the age of 90 on December 12, 2002, from a massive myocardial infarction.

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