Blackout in Kharkiv: consequences of shelling of energy infrastructure

Blackout in Kharkiv: consequences of shelling of energy infrastructure

2024, 45 min


On March 22, 2024, as a result of Russian missile strikes on the region's energy infrastructure, Kharkiv lost power. The city has introduced a water supply schedule, but with reduced pressure, and buses run on "blackout" routes that were developed in 2023.

There are queues at drinking water sources, people are collecting water there, the subway is working as a shelter, trains are not running, hospitals have undergone operations and are running on generators, and all the "Points of Unbreakability" have been opened in the city.

In the video: traffic lights are not working, people are walking along the tram tracks, a bus stop, a barista is making coffee, visitors at tables, a showcase with cakes, a generator is working, the Heroiv Truda metro station, people are charging their phones, an underground passage, the intersection of Akademika Pavlova and Heroiv Truda streets, people at a kiosk queuing for water, collecting water in bottles, the head of a local hospital, a hospital corridor, a well and firewood in a medical facility, a nurse collecting water in a tub, elevator doors, doors to the operating room, a shop, sellers at the counter, a point of indestructibility, a woman charging her phone, children's toys, medicines.

Interviews: local residents, baristas: Yelyzaveta Nichai, the head of the hospital Kostiantyn Loboyko, a nurse at the hospital, Volodymyr Petrenko, head of the store security department, and Oksana Kolesnikova, the person in charge of the invincibility point.