Interview with Vasyl Zinkevych

Interview with Vasyl Zinkevych

1988, 18 min

Vasyl Zinkevych is interviewed in the studio of Chernivtsi television. He talks about the work of Volodymyr Ivasyuk, his civic position, friendship, and the Chervona Ruta festival.

Vasyl Zinkevych was born on May 1, 1945, in the village of Vaskivtsi, Khmelnytskyi region. He is a Ukrainian pop singer, People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR, Shevchenko Prize winner, and Hero of Ukraine. Many of his songs are included in the Golden Fund of Ukrainian music of the 20th century. He was the first male soloist of the Smerichka vocal group, and later the frontman of the Volyn vocal group Svityaz. In the famous TV musical "Chervona Ruta" he played the Donetsk miner Borys.

Vasyl Zinkevych is also a dancer and designer. Several of his dances were included in the Golden Fund of Ukrainian Art, and his costumes were exhibited at exhibitions in Paris.

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