“Tragedy in Drama: a documentary

“Tragedy in Drama: a documentary

2024, 53 min

An investigative documentary film Tragedy in Drama, about the tragic date for Chernihiv - August 19, 2023, when a Russian Iskander exploded over the drama theater. Seven people were killed and 214 injured. At that time, a meeting between the military and drone manufacturers was taking place there.

The film features: Tetyana Toriya, who was injured and her mother was killed in a missile attack on the drama theater; Bohuslav Borsuk, a soldier; Maria Berlinska, a volunteer who co-organized the meeting; Serhiy Moisienko, director of the Shevchenko Regional Music and Drama Theater; Viacheslav Chaus, head of the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration; Olha Palkova-Svirchevska, volunteer; Oleksandr Vysikan, chief forensic expert at Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise; Andrii Prosniak, head of the SBU Investigation Department in Chernihiv Oblast; Roman Koval, Truth Hounds investigator; Volodymyr Hryshko, legal advisor to Truth Hounds.

Author of the film: Andriy Titok. Editors: Inna Biletska, Alla Sadovnyk, Alla Skoryk. Consultant director: Vladyslav Vasylchenko. Cameramen: Oleksiy Zhernov, Oleksandr Tirok, Mykola Ivanchyk, Oleksandr Sidko. Editing directors: Dmytro Sakhon, Oleksandr Tirok. Sound editors: Oleksandr Tirok, Serhiy Bilonenko is a representative of Truth Hounds, a Ukrainian NGO that documents and investigates war crimes.

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