VIA Vatra: artistic director Igor Bilozir

VIA Vatra: artistic director Igor Bilozir

1984, 18 min

Audio digitized recordings of the Vatra vocal and instrumental ensemble, 1984. The artistic director is Ihor Bilozir.

The compositions “Father's Rye”, “Milky Way”, and “Welcome” are composed by Ihor Bilozir, lyrics by Roman Kudlyk.

The song “I'm flying to you” (music by Ivan Karabyts, solo performance by Oksana Bilozir, lyrics by Borys Oliynyk) and the song “Oh, you girl from the nut of the grain” (music by Anatoliy Kos-Anatolsky, solo performance by Marian Shunevych, lyrics by Ivan Franko).

The material was digitized by the team of the “House of Sound” department Lviv Radio with the assistance of the Department of Composition and the Problematic Research Laboratory of Musical Ethnology of the Mykola Lysenko National Music Academy.

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