Chernobyl: the human factor

Chernobyl: the human factor

2011, 24 min

The video is a movie about the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It tells about the investigation into the causes of the explosion and the trial of the accused. The program participants talk about the investigation and the trial, as well as details that were not disclosed by the CPSU Central Committee and became known only later. The film also describes the construction and design of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, its operation, and the experiment that was conducted there at the time of the explosion.

Interview: Volodymyr Babichev, ChNPP shift supervisor; Volodymyr Shkurko, deputy head of ChNPP reactor shop No. 2; Arkadii Uskov, deputy head of ChNPP reactor shop No. 1; Oleksandr Zelentsov, senior operator of ChNPP unit 4; Ihor Symonenko, senior operator of ChNPP unit 4; Viacheslav Orlov, deputy head of ChNPP reactor shop No. 1; Mykola Horbachenko, dosimetrist.

The film uses fragments of Mikhail Gorbachev's interview with a Japanese TV company in 1996, as well as excerpts from Anatoliy Dyatlov's book “How It Was”, materials from Isabela Dyatlova's private photo archive, fragments of the documentaries “The Fifth Shift”, “Chernobyl - Five Seconds Before the Explosion”, and “The Truth About Chernobyl”.

The film is in russian.

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