Documentary film “UPA. Unknown pages” part 1

Documentary film “UPA. Unknown pages” part 1

2003, 30 min

The documentary film UPA. Unknown Pages” is devoted to the history of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, its underground activities, and the ideological front of the insurgency. The first part is on the video.

Commentators: historian Yaroslav Dashkevych, Daria Husak, liaison to UPA commander Roman Shukhevych, Lydia Bil-Hoyaniuk, OUN member, Vasyl Kuk, general-corporal and commander of the UPA-South, Photii Volodymyrskyi, head of the OUN-UPA Brotherhood of the Carpathian region, Ivan Dolishnyi, political prisoner, Stepan Semeniuk, district leader of the OUN in Lutsk district, and historian Huri Bukhalo, UPA soldier Oleksandr Hordiychuk, scout Stepan Samko, UPA-South shooter Volodymyr Karatash, historian Petro Potichnyi, scout of the Burlaki hundred Ivan Starostiak, member of the OUN Youth Mykola Makoliuk, UPA hundred fighter Myroslav Symchych, swarmer of the Eagles hundred Vasyl Melnyk, village headman of Rakiv Vasyl Andrusiv, and liaison officer Maria Yukish.

The author and director is Oleksandr Riabokrys.

The video includes fragments of documentary chronicles and excerpts from films.