Kyiv, January 2, 2024: consequences of the missile attack

Kyiv, January 2, 2024: consequences of the missile attack

2024, 86 min

The video shows the aftermath of a massive Russian missile attack on Kyiv: city streets, a column of smoke, a high-rise building, a rescue operation by the State Emergency Service, a flooded street, broken windows, an ambulance, damaged houses, rubble, fire, a rocket crater, injured residents, medics providing assistance, evening, residents and volunteers cleaning up the aftermath of the bombing, a headquarters for help. There are interviews with residents, a firefighter and a volunteer.

On the morning of January 2, a series of explosions occurred in Kyiv. Several districts of the capital caught fire as a result of the missile attack. In particular, a fire in a high-rise building in the Solomyansky district injured 49 people, hospitalized 43 of them, and killed two.

That morning, the air alert was announced twice in the capital. During the first one, the Russian army launched about a dozen Shahed drones. And during the second alert, more than a dozen Tu-95MS strategic bombers launched X-101/X555X-55 cruise missiles in groups and waves. At the same time, more than ten Mig-31K aircraft launched X-47M2 Kinzhal air defense missiles at the capital, the KMIA reported.

The video also shows the aftermath of the January 2 shelling in Vyshneve, Kyiv region: a damaged high-rise building, debris removal, the "Point of Unbreakability," and interviews with local residents.