Kozacha Lopan: evacuation

Kozacha Lopan: evacuation

2024, 51 min

June 10, 2024, Kharkiv region, Kozacha Lopan village, evacuation of civilians.

Video: humanitarian mission "Prolisok", evacuees indoors, volunteers, people on the street, evacuation notice on the wall, streets of Kozacha Lopan, collapsed ceiling of a room, construction debris on the bed, room of a broken house, a man carrying things, police talking to residents, a woman working in the garden, a broken house, volunteers handing out food, people with things on the street, evacuation bus.

Interviews: local residents Oleksiy Zhernyak, Oleh Vakulenko, Natalia Oleksienko, Vasyl Emelianov, Halyna Nechai, Iryna Serkova; Liudmyla Vakulenko, head of the Kozacholopan starosta district; Iryna Panchenko, representative of the humanitarian mission "Proliska"; Oleksandr Kulik, head of the information department of the Dergachiv City Council.

The village of Kozacha Lopan in the Kharkiv region is located two kilometers from the Russian border. Less than 15 kilometers from the village, fighting is taking place as Russians try to capture the neighboring community. Almost all the residents have left, and only 500 people remain.