Songs of Bukovyna (UnZip, Episode #8)

A selection of songs for the eighth episode of the UnZip podcast on "Songs of Bukovyna".

Listen to the podcast here: here

The playlist contains the following songs:

1. "The Only One", VIA "Smerichka" (soloist Nazariy Yaremchuk), 1975
2. "Rosemary Flower", VIA "Smerichka" (soloist Nazariy Yaremchuk), 1983
3. "My Beauty" by Sofia Rotaru, 1964
4. "Cradle of the Wind", Sofia Rotaru, 1975
5. "For the first time", Sofia Rotaru, 1983
6. "I'm looking at you, mom" by Ivo Bobul, 1991
7. "Native Language" by Pavlo Dvorsky and VIA Smerichka, 1988
8. "Where the Stars Are Clear" by Vasyl Zinkevych and VIA Svityaz, 1981
9. "Bukovyna", Aurika Rotaru and VIA Ellipse, 1988

UNZIP is a podcast immersion in the archives of Ukrainian music. You will hear how the host Albert Tsukrenko and the guests of the UnZip podcast are looking for answers to the questions of our musical identity. And most importantly, they will surprise you with songs found in the archives of Ukrainian Radio.